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Preparing the transfer of companies from the NSB Group

The Ministry of Transport and Communications have established the companies that will receive the businesses which are being taken out of the NSB Group as a result of the railway reform.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications are establishing the following companies Togmateriell AS, Reiseplan og billett AS and Togvedlikehold AS. These companies will take over the following subsidiaries from the NSB Group: Materiellselskapet AS, Salg og Billettering AS and Mantena AS.

The names of the three receiving companies are working names and will likely be changed over time. In addition ROM Eiendom AS will be transferred from the NSB Group to the infrastructure company Bane NOR SF.

The companies where established so that each of the boards could be a real recipient of the companies from the NSB Group. Excretion of the four companies from the NSB Group is planned in the first four months of 2017. The NSB Group’s board with boards of subsidiary are responsible for the management and control of the companies until the transfer is completed.

Read the press release by the Ministry of Transport and Communication


Published: 01.09.2016, 15:15