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Ideal employer

NSB has been named one of Norway´s 100 most attractive companies to work for - in the categories business, engineering and the humanities.

Every year Universum asks Norwegian students who they would prefer to work for, if they could choose from the top shelf companies. In 2012, 8,500 students at 26 universities and colleges participated in the survey.

The 100 companies that are at the top of the list can boast the title of "ideal employer". In 2012 NSB was named in the categories of business, engineering and the humanities.

Read more at Universum.

Satisfied employees  

A survey conducted in autumn 2012 by TNS Gallup showed an employee satisfaction rating of 80 percent in NSB, compared to 73 percent on average in Norway.

85 percent of the NSB staff responded that they believe that they have an important and socially useful job.

The survey shows that the working day is marked by clear expectations, strong commitment - and great job satisfaction for most people.