Passenger train

It is environmentally friendly to travel by train. NSB Passenger train runs the passenger trains in Norway, together with its subsidiary NSB Gjøvikbanen AS. The fully owned subsidiary Svenska Tågkompaniet AB does the same in parts of Sweden.


NSB passenger train

NSB local and regional rail covers many of the main traffic arteries in Norway.

Region trains are adapted to longer journeys. They provide work areas, sleeping compartments, a section for children and cafe or kiosk.

Local trains are adapted for passengers traveling shorter distances. They have many seats, plenty of space, large windows and air conditioning.

NSB Passenger train

NSB is in the process of purchasing and modernizing trains for several billion Norwegian kroner. NSB has ordered 81 new trains from Stadler, and has an option to purchase more trains.

The purchase of new trains gives NSB almost 20,000 new seats in commuter and regional trains. This makes it possible to transport more passengers.

At the same time new infrastructure is being built. New trains and new timetables give customers a significantly improved service, with more frequent trains and for many a shorter journey time.

NSB is an environmentally friendly company. The main environmental problem is to get more people to travel by train. A double railway track can carry as many passengers as two four-lane highways.

NSB Gjøvikbanen AS

NSB Gjøvikbanen AS is a fully owned subsidiary of NSB AS, and was created when NSB won the contract to operate Gjøvikbanen.

NSB Gjøvikbanen AS keeps the customers in focus and wants to build strong customer relationships through top customer service.

After NSB Gjøvikbanen AS took over the running of Gjøvikbanen the number of departures increased significantly, and the trains was renovated. The number of passengers has increased steadily, and NSB Gjøvikbanen AS scores very well on customer satisfaction.

Svenska Tågkompaniet

NSB Group's subsidiary Svenska Tågkompaniet AB was established in 1999. Since the beginning Tågkompaniet has taken over and run ten railway lines In Sweden.

Today Svenska Tågkompaniet operates the so-called X-tåget, regional trains on the route Gävle - Sundvall and Gävle - Ljusdal, as well as the regional rail traffic in Bergslagen and Värmland. Tågkompaniet is also operator of the route between Gothenburg and Oslo in cooperation with the NSB, and runs a train service between Karlstad and Oslo.

Cooperation between NSB Passenger train and Tågkompaniet will continue to be developed by expansion in the Swedish market.


Passenger train operations

Turnover:7,815 million NOK
Operating income:636 million NOK
Number of trips:72.3 million